Centennial Heritage

Exciting news! Riverside Avondale Preservation is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new program celebrating our neighborhood’s history: Centennial Heritage! Many houses and buildings in Riverside Avondale have already or will be soon celebrating turning 100 years old. The Centennial Heritage program is a way to recognize and honor these significant structures.

Picture Jacksonville life in 1916: no television or radio, few phones, or people using electricity. Residents and businesses used oil, gas and wood for power, and instead of cars, relied on the streetcar and even horse and carriage.

Today, if you live, work, or visit one of Riverside Avondale’s 100 year old buildings, you can look out the same windows, use the same fireplaces, and sit on the same front porch as five generations of Jacksonville before you. It is a unique event to turn 100 years old, and for a building, it does not happen by accident. The thousands of homes and buildings turning 100 in Riverside Avondale over the coming years are a testament to original craftsmanship, owners who have maintained them, and Riverside Avondale Preservation supporting and advocating for them.


Unveiled on December 15th at a 100th birthday celebration for the Regions bank building at 1604 Margaret Street hosted by RAP and Regions, the Centennial Heritage program is a unique way to celebrate our “silent sentinels” as they move into their second centennial. RAP is grateful to Regions for being the initial sponsor of the Centennial Heritage program. When a Riverside Avondale home or building turns 100 years old, the owner can purchase a sign to show their pride in being a caretaker for one of our amazing 100 year old structures.
Centennial Heritage signs are available for purchase for $40. Signs may be purchased at the RAP office (2623 Herschel Street); office hours are 10am-2pm Tuesday-Friday or by appointment. Bronze plaques will be available for purchase in spring 2017. All proceeds benefit RAP!

RAP expresses thanks to Alicia Somers and Regions Bank for their sponsorship and hosting the unveiling party, David Wolters and Andy Goshen for their original concept and leadership, Peter Mackey for finalizing the design, Damon Katsikas of Taylor Sign and Design for bringing the signs to life, and Emily Lisska with Jacksonville Historical Society for painting a picture of 1916 Jacksonville.

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