2016 Riverside Avondale Preservation Luminaria

Thanks to everyone who participated in the

2016 Riverside Avondale Preservation Luminaria!

This yearly celebration of the holiday season occurs in the Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods of Jacksonville.

For 2016 we had campaign posters created by R. Land (http://www.rlandart.com).

The history of Riverside Avondale’s Luminaria began 31 years ago with a devoted community member and RAP supporter, Jerry Spinks. Mr. Spinks was looking for a way to help raise funds for Riverside Avondale Preservation during the holidays and give back to the community. He thought he would just sell a bundle of luminaries to his neighbors, but to his surprise he sold out quickly. In fact, he had to go around town gathering more supplies to keep up with the demand. Decades later, Riverside Avondale Preservation still uses Luminaria to bring the community together and as a fundraiser, benefiting RAP’s yearly programs and neighborhood causes.

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